EYOWF 2013


The largest youth sports event in Romania and the first under the olympic flag, took take place in Brasov and other two cities of the Brasov Region, Rasnov and Predeal, between 17 and 22 February 2013.

Its participants competed in eight winter sports disciplines: Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Biathlon, Ice Hockey, Figure Skating, Short Track, Ski Jumping and Snowboarding.

Venues for individual sports disciplines

Goals of the EYOWF 2013 Project

  • Organizing the 2013 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival, on all its sports, technical, social, and financial aspects;
  • Presenting both Brașov and Romania at a European level, promoting Romanian culture and hospitality;
  • Involvement of public, sports, business and social environments in the preparation and organisation of the event;
  • Educating children and youth, along with the classic teaching programs, on the olympic values: fair play, tolerance, solidarity, mutual understanding and friendship;
  • Motivating children and youth to practice sports and to harness efficiently their leisure time.
  • Creating optimal conditions for young talented Romanian athletes and supporing their careers;
  • Improving the sports facilities infrastructure;
  • Developing tourism in the region.


The logo of the competition has the form of a snowflake in the five Olympic colors.

The beauty of snowflakes is that each one is different, there are no two snowflakes alike and while they are so fragile, together they become a force.

In the same way, each athlete has their own strengths and qualities. And the thing that makes them even greater is the team spirit. That is what makes one go the extra mile and that is what makes one exceed all limits.


eyowf 2013 mascot instancesThe official mascot of EYOWF 2013 is Martin, the Carpathian Brown Bear. Martin is dressed in red, yellow and blue clothes, representing the colors of the Romanian national flag.
Although the bear is present in almost all the places in the world, the Carpathian Brown Bear is an animal considered to be Romanian, because of its large presence in the Carpathian mountains from our country.
The bear has been largely present in the Romanian culture, inspiring a lot of songs and fairytales.

Martin is presented in several instances, corresponding to the eight sporting events of EYOWF 2013: Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross Country, Ice Hockey, Ski jumping, Short Track, Figure Skating and Snowboarding.

The EYOWF 2013 Volunteers

The team of volunteers for EYOWF 2013 was called the “Volunteers EYOWF 2013″. There were a total of about 480 members taking part in the organization of the Festival.

All volunteers were trained for different types of activities by the managers of each department and each volunteer had an individual set of tasks to carry out.

Most volunteers worked a maximum of 10 hours per day. For this reason, volunteers took shifts in some of the activities.

Most of the volunteers were language competent, mainly in English. Some eventual poor pronunciation was excused.

All volunteers were dressed in the same uniform marked with the signs of the competition, and their accreditations were marked „Volunteer”.


The opening ceremony

  • Date: Sunday, February 17, 2013
  • Duration: approximately 90 minutes
  • Location: Ion Tiriac Arena

NOC delegations were transported in alphabetical order from the NOCs Delegations Accommodation (NOCDA) to the opening ceremony in the Ion Tiriac Arena. The ceremony was attended by local and national officials and by representatives from the Olympic Committee.

The closing ceremony

  • Date: Friday, February 22, 2013
  • Duration: approximately 60 minutes
  • Location: Poiana Brasov

The closing ceremony was held in accordane with the Olympic protocol.

Flower-giving ceremonies

  • Date / Time: immediately after the race finish
  • Location: at the respective venues

Athletes from the 1st to 3rd places were announced and received flowers.

Victory ceremonies

  • Date: every afternoon of the period
  • Location: Poiana Brasov. For ice hockey, the victory ceremonies took place at the venue (on ice), on February 22nd

Athletes from the 1st to 3rd places will be announced and will receive their medals.